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Use to the Prosecutor’s Spot to stop the building of

November 21st, 2011 by admin

This agency that residents, opening the windows in their homes and children, playing in the yards, leave suspire the air, saturated with burnt plastic mayonnaise banks and former household rubbish burnt. This agency that the aforethought waste incineration equipment leave be set at 500-800 meters from residential areas. We appealed to the Regional Prosecutor’s Position to intervene to protect the public stake and legal way to stop the conclusion of the Section of the surround against the aforethought building of JSC “Fortum Klaipeda” recycling implant in the city Klaypeda. Plotted content of waste recycling engraft is approximately 4 multiplication more essential the city is 240 chiliad tons per twelvemonth, according to judge information for 2010, the entire Klaipeda district collects annually some 70 m tons of garbage. This proximity to residential areas of the metropolis bequeath slenderize the price of rooms and over-the-counter real estate. Therefore, residents of Klaipeda testament feel not only environmental degradation, but besides suffer major wrong due to the depreciation of the flats due to the building of this plant in the city. The decisiveness of the Ministry of Lithuania and UAB “Fortum Klaipeda” produce in another source of airy pollution. Vyzyvaet concern of the authorities to increase the pollution in the city of Klaipeda t. Town is surrounded by sources of pollution.

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