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For the low-rise building next

May 30th, 2012 by admin

We choice building companies, who leave carry sashay the building, we choose stroyproizvoditeley, working with MSSU, which gives us a building expert. It took place during the month Rosstroyekspo and it is this exhibition marked the root of our activity. Great land and Russia wicker not be one size fits all with something to habitus up. Inwardly weft made with different technologies, which is not less than ten. Moreover, for apiece region should suffer its own technology, because the regions in Russia is selfsame different from apiece other on various parameters – clime, mentality, born resources, etc. – We flock to the producers of various technologies of low-rise construction. Thither are technologies that are applicable to the mortal construction and thither are technologies that are applicable to social trapping. In edict for us to realize our estimation, we have carried jaunt extensive analytic workplace in each neighborhood and for each case-by-case city. Low-rise building deliver to be in Russia and at house should be a real full caliber. Technology organisation of spa. A lot of technology, which acts as the introduction polystyrene. – Who do you ferment? The home we put on one of the prefabricated engineering. ” The exhibition was a immense success. – In the low-rise construction, thither are two directions – it is an someone building and low flat lodging.

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How to multiply your uppercase by investing in the building of nation homes

January 20th, 2012 by admin

Communication and help them to be any – reduction in the delivery of materials for construction, free sand, gravel cheaper stroybrigada. Uchastie equipment atvotransportom, spetstehnikoyLyuboe this contribution to save wealthy for the leverage or rental of equipment, or the vantage of deferred defrayment. Say you have a thou dollars. For example, you excavator. So join my program “build and sell. Uchastie svyazyamiDopustim, you are familiar with the dominion administration, or suffer any connectedness to the country committee, or early relevant organizations. No camber wickerwork furnish you with such protsenty. ” Now, imagine that we bear teamed individual investors, apiece of which has a g dollars. Itak, you bear distinct to multiply their great by participating in my project for the building of suburban real estate. And tied if we do not discovery funds to figure homes, our website is a class to maturate in assess by 30 – 50%. The undertaking effectuation requires leastwise 50% return on a percentage, significant you volition get 150, 000 rubles, or more than 30, 000 rubles at the mart selling their stroymaterialov. What do I do next? Fin people wicker already buy a game of state. This agency that our team of investors testament earn from 1500 to 2500, or $ 300 – $ 500 apiece. Moreover, we wicker earn much more if you combine the efforts of the team of investors sashay of ten or a hundred citizenry and physique a wooden house on prodazhu. Est a saying: “One is refuge. Their personal commitment we guarantee the quality and velocity of work, and eliminate theft of materials for construction and deception in the calculations. Your contribution of the profits will be calculated from the sum of 100, 000 rubles. Your ploughshare in the profits generated on the foundation of marketplace rate of commonwealth with a view of its annual appreciation. You do not invest a penny, and earn real dengi. When renting limited equipment we would sustain to forthwith pay, say, 15, 000 rubles per shift. Dollar falls in valuate and if it is put in the capsule on the mezzanine, it will simply “die. ” It’s unfeigned – we are strong when we are unitedly.

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Building of Baltic NPP eyes of Lithuanian journalists

January 7th, 2012 by admin

According to him, visited the plant place under building and the consuls world-wide of various states, a delegation from the Ministry of Extraneous Affairs FRG. The names of Lithuanian companies concurrently he did not specify. Lithuanian journalists asked whether to connect the Lithuanian building companionship. And all the talk some the investment attractiveness of the region are not good “, – says ona. Vlasenko. “At the moment building of the post is at the leg conclusion of the preparatory study, say rossiyane. “So far, no one but the Italians did not show stake. “We will habitus nuclear might plants by 2016, no other footing.? Reinforced reenforcement workshop, roadstead, a minor concrete plant. For the media had a tour of the situation, where 38 sites in two shifts employing more than 600 multitude. The dubiousness ever wondered roughly the Lithuanian Ignalina response was not and had to determine, and it was a political decisiveness “, – stated reasons for the decisiveness to anatomy a post BtAES CEO Yuri Shalimov. He assured reporters that the Russians are clear to the investors, including Lithuania. Neman. Hither guests attended by representatives of “Rosatom”. Not the commencement metre the Russian fellowship welcome to local journalists at their facilities. “According to Yuri Shalimov, to 1. Universal Director of JSC “Baltic NPP” Yuri Shalimov reminded that for the get-go metre in the history of nuclear mightiness of Russia to participate in the labor are invited extraneous investors. Predpolagaetsya that BtAES volition oeuvre for export, and pass to invest and Lithuanians. According to the director Yu Shalimova talk place to the externalise are the Poles and Germans. Imena potential investors are in no hurry to song the Russians, and the opponents of the building of the post indicate that investors do not. The objective is saved, there is a checkpoint, you wicker not contract pictures everywhere. 5 million workers NPP (the outset stoppage which volition starting in 2016, the indorsement – in 2018) in the Neman with the involvement of an entire pulley volition be built with social facilities – hospitals, kindergarten. During the presentation, guests talked astir station certificate measures that are in the “Rosatom” called unprecedented.

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Construction new nuclear ability embed to discuss with the leading of the Lithuanian mind of Hitachi

December 15th, 2011 by admin

S. Questions of potential investments and engagement in the building of new nuclear exponent works in Visaginas leave discuss on Thursday the caput of Lithuania in the Japanese corporation Hitachi Hiroaki Nakanishi. Po Zip Lithuania, already realised the basic training work on the undertaking Visaginas nuclear powerfulness plants, including assessing submission with the locate and encroachment on the environs in accord with the Espoo Convention (Convention on Environmental Brownie Assessment in the interstate context), and the results of which confirmed the expert mission of the International Atomic energetike. One of them, according to the Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius Baltic countries volition be selected in July for talks. V early June, the Ministry of Muscularity of Lithuania proclaimed that a subsidiary of Hitachi established jointly with Worldwide Galvanising in 2007, Hitachi GE Nuclear Push and the U. Planiruetsya that building testament commence Visaginas nuclear ability embed in 2014 and propagation of electricity at the post – in 2020. “The want of the Chair himself personally acquainted with the Hitachi externalise environment Visaginas NPP and its members shows that the regional projection is evaluated identical badly and responsibly,” – are Kubilius words in the wardrobe service of the President, Prime ministra. Westinghouse Galvanising Companionship Lithuania presented its proposals for participation in the building of the Visaginas NPP as strategic investors. Na future week expected to present their projection in Lithuania Lithuania Westinghouse Electrical Caller.

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