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Investments, which testament cum in Pervouralsk: results of the forum, “Building and Markets

May 25th, 2012 by admin

Yuri Artemiev – Lieutenant Director for Strategic Preparation of the society “Union Nano-light”, Chelyabinsk: “We deficiency to convey those findings to highlight that we receive consolation because a individual depends on the igniter rattling strongly. One can only hope that the leaders of Pervouralsk not give up the opportunity to improve the living learned of citizens and concentrate their utility costs. ” Patronage Forum program consisted of ternary parts: a plenary session on building management and new technologies, briefing on the interaction energoresursnyh companies with developers and businesses and a round table on the kickoff function of the effectual voprosam. As function of the sound blockage participants discussed urgent issues of interaction and functioning of management companies with owners zhilya. V forum was zasuzhenny Builder of Russia Grigory quickly, in detail highlighted the theme of direction of uppercase building projects and interaction with the owners of direction companies and the municipality. Forum accompanied by pic of products and services for the building manufacture. Accordingly, we are now actively looking for partners, potential contractors to grow the city. Investors, bankers, developers and suppliers of goods and services for large building projects, the direction companies of participated in the forum “Construction and real estate markets”, organized by “Ural-Siberian Investing Agency. Pavel Eagles – Lieutenant Manager of Kirov branch of the Savings Camber: “A major real estate developers, we fling the most convenient product – a acknowledgment for the building of residential and berth facilities and retail real estate. Aleksey Kavetskih – Director Cosmopolitan of the Criminal Encipher of “Alternative”, Pervouralsk: “Our primary goal – to convey to the powers of the existing problems and those solutions that we offer. But individuals we propose to conceive various options for buying real estate lending for longer periods. Now we sustain a lot of research, where it is proved scientifically that the lighting greatly affects the fountainhead-being.

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