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Construction a country house, its pros and cons

June 2nd, 2012 by admin

Therein way we attain the minimum clearance betwixt the structural elements during the assembly of the wooden house. Abaft assembly, the aim structure (framing) from the extraneous it is sheathed with OSB waterproof plate (photo pops up when you hover chipboard) indoors the paries is filled with blast-resistant mineral or cellulose insulant, through which the rampart of a country house on the heat loss is eq to a brick rampart two meters. Neoprene Verzhimymi reward of these homes is a holding of the pine wood to rest and observe a exceptional microclimate inwardly the country house with the optimum moisture content for a man of 40-60%. From flak and decay of pine during the product of flack-retardant treated and antiseptics. For this cost we are construction a “house turning-key”, namely, divorced with no electrical accessories (panels, meters, sockets, lamps), a communication plumbing and heating, the brick walls are fain for finish (wallpaper, paint, tile), set of metallic okna. So in these homes can subsist in any holod. S shrinkage is nigh impossible to fight, but the cracks wickerwork be seen as a medal or to fill their extra smesyu. For example, all polar expeditions working in the homes of framing building. V a home you volition feel well-fixed, calm, confident and protected. Abaft processing apiece office of the country house is marked for easy assembly. Dom of logs (log) or shaped lumber – caparison premium. Stroitelstvo wooden house is by far one of the virtually financially advantageous way to the building of a paradise on earth. If you wish to live in your wooden house your great-grandchildren, wooden house is the outflank selection for construction a frame home nowadays vas. Likewise, the tree has a plus vigour that favors your life. Otdelka house wickerwork be varied, depending on availability and customer requirements. Forest from which the carcass is collected, manufactured in the caller of the finest pine of coniferous species dried to 15% moisture on engineered drawings. In building, I try to use solitary natural stuff, tied the initiation. Karkasnye house not alone economical and aesthetically perfect, they are not subject to shrinking then they wicker finishing immediately after building. Pine wood is processed from firing, rot and insect infestation antiseptics and antipyretics at the metre of yield structures. Bulwark of the frame house was built of pine as thick as 200 mm eq meter fence of kirpicha. K Unluckily the homes made of logs or shaped tone has drawbacks: these homes give the residue, so he needs to settle 1-1. In raspberry wooden house you wicker be within 3-4 mesyatsa. This technology has been time-tested by clip, shininess enjoys such developed countries as England, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Korea, New Zealand, USA, Finland, France, Czech Commonwealth, Sweden and Japan. Hence, your wooden house becomes “breathing”. Derevo has a low coefficient of thermic conduction, this summertime, this wooden house keeps cool, and winter is swell and retains rut for a long sentence. In conclusion, we deliver a rampart thickness of 200 mm.

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