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Innovative Trends

October 4th, 2011 by admin

Processing of the logs is through by hand – this is a selfsame delicate process that can, in contrast to the stock yield process, to donjon the protective layer. Prostruzhku can be through with an ax and adz possible. New technologies involve mandatory rampart insularity of pine constructions. The latest technology is not passed by the log homes: pre-treated with antiseptics homes and compounds that protect the pine wood from aging and wet. Built in recent geezerhood, pine homes – this is oft at frame home from a bar. The heaviness of the timbre depends on the nature of the construction – if it’s summertime country house, so no than 120 mm, if the like home twelvemonth round – not less than 150 mm. For this purpose between the country house and trim the outer timbers insert insularity, which is more than allow the craved temperature. This agency that in a country house reinforced from logs stored in the frigid rut, and warmth – cool. Of course, wooden house exterior, as well as new country house for this menses should be postponed. Ahead starting the building of pine homes, it is necessity to brand projects. The airy in the home volition be exceptionally clean – thanks to the uniqueness of logs per day he has time to upgrade twice. Entrust the drafting of a punter professional. Shoplifting of laminated veneer log is 1%. So much in the building of log homes exploitation born drying. Another vantage of the log cabins – a short term shrinking. Pine framing. Secondly, the building of jackanapes foundations saves a lot of loaded. The project requires a skilled frame home any knowledge of building engineering.

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