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Residents Sestroretsk against the building of skyscrapers on the locate of an orphanage

May 6th, 2011 by admin

St. Petersburg, February 11. Construction of the former bordered tubbolnitsy as a low-rise historical constructions of the settlement spill, and with the high-pitched-rise constructions of the 38th District. ” The investor – CJSC “Proc STK” – plans to bod a complex of residential constructions of varying altitude with a built-kindergarten and early facilities sotssfery. Pozdnee “STK Prock. M placed the orphanage, “- aforementioned in a statement on the website fund. Petersburg, the locate of Sestroretsk, which was placed most destroyed hospital construction was sold in Borderland 2007. Residents Sestroretsk at a populace hearing opposed the building of a 24-floor construction on the locate of tuberculous shelter. Residents of low-rise constructions said they are not against growing activities, but would same at this spot to see a gated development. In the trades involved iii candidates.

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