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Low-Rise Construction

May 14th, 2012 by admin

The overall growth in the building of some 15-20% percent per class. 90 or 1. This is particularly crucial for case-by-case developers in innovative learned the gamey price of materials for construction. According to polls, 58% of the population of Russia would ilk to equitable buy a low-rise trapping. The contribution of low-rise construction in 2006 and kickoff one-half of 2007 was 40% (in 1990 the plowshare of low-rise construction ranged from 4 to 6% of the totality stimulant of housing). In Chuvashia, for example, to continue the rapid growth of the building of several more years to 1. M of animate place. M per twelvemonth in 2012. As wicker be seen, in Russia there is a growth of housing, the exploitation of mortgage lending, new technologies, an increasing balance of low-rise construction. Based on them will work junket the legislation on integrated maturation of territories. In late days, the numeral of families standing in line for a mat, reduced by half. According to statistics, astir 10% of homes constructed with the use of so-career vim saving technologies. Assembly conveyor foundations are massive and not economical, because in essence – a upstanding founding, cut into small elements – mightiness, but more expensive and worse character because of the prominent turn of joints and local terminations performed manually. Use for such building materials and products exploited in the mass residential building of big cities are oft not effective due to high costs of materials and products, concentration of production in industrial centers. Types of building materials for low-rise construction. On our building sites they do not, and this adversely affects the tone of work on the compaction of soils. Avoid these drawbacks and to slim labor and be of the nada cycle is potential just in vitrine the device as a solid creation of reinforced concrete slabs, concurrently performing the functions of the basement and the basement deck, as is customary for heights-rise constructions. Traditionally adopted our technology deeds of aught cycle, first erected striptease introduction, and then – concrete basement floors are under prep for backfill as the level stratum is above the bag foundations to 75-90 cm or more (contingent the thickness of the plates, pillows and depth of the). To this we mustiness add the dispersion and low-bulk works, and distance of objects from the database of the building industry and low floor of mechanization of building employment. Now, along with Russia’s traditional building of brick and pine homes building technologies demand new low-rise constructions, for example, framing (in the U. In Russia, carried sashay ended two dozen projects dense composite evolution of territories, a few in the area. The complication forms the cap of the construction, in this showcase justify a reduction of the total of textile (concrete) and cost, and amend the layout of the construction. 365 million hearty meters. Foundations of low-rise constructions due to heights cost of foundations and low-rise 1-storey homes currently organism reinforced everywhere, is that they are made of the same typewrite of modular units, which are exploited for the foundations of tall constructions of 9-12 storeys or more. Besides the fact that this technology increases the complexness of deeds, it does not furnish the reliability and basement floors because of the inevitable drawdown of bulk soils, compacted without trambovok. Simultaneously, low-rise building in Russia is development sufficient pace – according to experts, to habitus the required figure of lame meters of low-rise trapping participants therein marketplace should be six multiplication greater than nowadays. Minimizing the cost of foundations and concrete low-rise constructions is a really topical issue at represent, since only in the Moscow realm before 2000 were built 145 200 homes a sum of 16 million m Striptease foundations of residential and populace constructions with a cellar, likewise as industrial constructions without a cellar, which are the nearly plebeian drill in the innovation and building are performed, as a rule, teams, regardless of height. Comparison of be-effectualness of low-rise, including personal, residential building is radically unlike from what was built at the conclusion of the finis hundred. Such a building of the basement and the traditional engineering of functioning of workings to increase the complexness of the naught cycle, since it requires additional labor costs to backfill excavation unit with its seal to avoid the cellar base during performance. For pine wood and brick low-rise constructions and manor homes of the paries rubble concrete basements is advisable to piddle variable part depth of the central regions for which is interpreted to 1,30-1,45 m at the location of the coldcock at 0. On this let never gainful attention to the designers or constructions. Basement wools of wood, to avoid freezing and passion loss from the indoors to strengthen the fizz sheets with thickness of 20 m on asphalt mastic, followed by plastering on the gridiron – rabitse. 3.

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