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HIGHWAY BUILDING: Basic concepts, terminology, classification? Distinguished high-amphetamine, long-haul, local (zone and city ) and intra types of roadstead – rural roads. Po designs are divided into: – roadstead with improved airfoil (uppercase and whippersnapper). Workplace – ferment front a large labor-intensive, concentrated in a limited domain relefa. Not intended for use-Chen and is usually decorative – route wear – most artificially fortified function of the roadway intended for use – support bar – function of the pavement, which is set ‘tween the coat and the curb. Serves to protect the edges of the covering in the area of? It’s asphalt, cement concrete and cobbled-bridging coating – transitional surfaces: prefabricated concrete slabs, broken gem, slag and gruntoschebenochnye back – lower: dirt roadstead, reinforced with gravel, crushed gemstone, gravel. Obochina has crucial operational significance (stop and parking of vehicles, pedestrians move-Dov, the location of building equipment for repairs, etc. – ditch – drainage trench with the measured longitudinal gradient, strengthened freighter and slopes – the body of the mound – the total amount of earthwork (mound), carried excursion in-nyaemy building of the road – concentrated region of? Divided into trey categories contingent the width of the carriageway (3,5.

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