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Construction in Moscow

November 3rd, 2011 by admin

Chechulin, A. Boretsky (17-storey hotel “Leningradskaya” in Komsomolskaya Feather), D. The almost successful conditions for low-rise great of the Soviet Union was the character of tiered high-pitched-rise constructions, which, according to the starring Soviet architects, he created a great opportunity for a full-fledged urban and architectural figure. And, as discussed in the professional printing of those age, “the authors of the projects carried out with honor instructions of the Authorities that the balance and silhouette of new constructions mustiness be original, that its architectural and artistic composition they moldiness be linked with the historical architecture of the metropolis and the silhouette of the next of the Palace the Soviets. On the about simultaneous pattern and building of constructions of the giant had been thrown the trump architectural strength at the meter – Academicians and Comparable Members of the Academy of Architecture, besides as young, but mature Moscow architects. The untested socialist posit, has upright won at the be of enormous human toll of the bloodiest wars of the twentieth 100, and ne'er zhalevshee neither flush nor human resources to meet snort adjacent ideological myth, dared to introduce in another contest with the humans great – this clip in the building of tall constructions, distinctive peaks of technological progress. Ironically, two decades later, at the same place on another projection, but by the like author, was built the largest in Europe and Moscow Hotel “Russia”. But formally specified, the amount (effective) expanse of eight high-pitched-rises of more than 500 feather meters was assumed to be For comparison: in 1947 in Moscow was built fair concluded 100 sq m. Residential arena, v1948 class – 270 k foursquare meters, and in 1949 – 405 foursquare meters of trapping. A figure of key decisions in their building was borrowed from days of rich and by the clip the practical experience of building of 40 – 50-storey skyscrapers in major U.S. Eight heights-rise constructions was supposed to build on those responsible for urban maturation in the subject – at the intersection of the radial arteries of the cap to the Garden Ring and the Moscow River, and construction on Lenin Hills originally occupied a key spot in Moscow to the top of the bend of the Moskva River. Nevertheless, government did not cogitate to walk the path of the Americans who decided their gamey-rises in the form of the Italian Renaissance palaces, set against each over-the-counter, or multi-tiered classical porticos, if not in the mannequin of hyper-towers and tall stylized Gothic forms. Here are the names of the projects, indicating the initial issue of floors of tall constructions: V. In the charge at the phase of the building of foundations, building was suspended at the highest (by design) an administrative construction. Moreover, during the building of constructions has changed designation, increased their figure of floors, seem, on direct orders from Stalin, the imposing steeples and big (to billboards) sculpture of workers – the constructions of communism. More than looking carefully at the outlines of the silhouettes of Stalin’s skyscrapers, plastic resolution of the basic architectural volumes, elements and details, you will notice that fifty-fifty superficially the New York skyscrapers 30s and their Moscow counterparts in many respects remarkably similar to each early. Nether the direction of the chief architect of the capital Chechulina D. Frankly, in those difficult times for the victorious countries during the building of a very short meter a few enceinte, high-pitched-rise, residential, billet and hotel constructions of the palace-typewrite was, rather, external and intimate political ideological act, rather than the normal resolution of socio-economic problems of residents, who survive in caparison insecurity uppercase city. (1945 1949gg. Stalin’s skyscrapers – building. ” And rattling, Muscovites and visitors who arrive to our cap, the process of construction building, and then do these grand structures produced truly impressed by their ne'er been seen ahead pace and scope. Rudnev, S. Kozintsev (16-storey residential construction of administrative and at the Beautiful Gate), Polyakov, A. Minkus (20-storey construction of the Foreign Ministry on Smolensk Feather) Posokhin, A. Kalish. The vitrine is truly unprecedented in the history of domesticated architecture! But in fact the so-called “Stalinist” skyscrapers were not opening in the global building practise. The first of these was launch for the conditions of Moscow’s unacceptable. Report gamy-rise constructions in Moscow. Our heights-rise reinforced masterpieces of the prisoners, led specialists, constructions and related professionals. Mndoyants (16-storey residential construction in the arena of the Rebellion), A. Dushkin, B. Authorities and Stalin taught us to looking for and run singular architecture, which will be included in the golden fund of Soviet classics. Cities. The authors of Moscow skyscrapers, architects and figure engineers in 1949 (long before the termination of building) was awarded the Stalin Prize for projects of various degrees of all the eight high-rise constructions. Organizations of Moscow and of national importance: Place construction of the Palace of Soviets (the figure and building by that metre had not yet abolished), “Gorstroyproekt”, “Mosgorproekt”, “Promstroyproject” and designing institutes of the Ministry of Building of Engineering and the Ministry of Railways with a broad compass of highly skilled professionals in a sort.

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